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Centrally Sponsored National Urban Renewal Mission (NURM) has been launched since December 2005 in 10th Plan Period with the objective of up gradation and development of physical Urban Infrastructure along with improvement of Basic Services for the Urban Poor & boosting the growth of the town of the State in a uniform manner. Under this NURM for the components of IHSDP (Integrated Housing and Slum Development Program) as per the State Urban Strategy Plan, Berhampore Town of Murshidabad District has been selected for inclusion in the initial phase during the current fiscal year. We are hopeful that Berhampore Municipality has been able to utilize the success of this program for further Municipal developmental works & for upgrading the quality of civic life. It has facilitated this ULB to be self-reliant so that this town can be a potential generator of economic movement in the direction. The authority has to relocate its two numbers Slum Pockets in a piece of land by the Municipality and close to the present Slum pockets. DPR has been prepared to provide required civic amenities including individual Flat for each beneficiary after carrying out necessary field survey work of Slums. This Project Report has been prepared for total out of Rs.412.46 Lacks (Excluding incentive charge) and the physical schemes for this town have been identified on the basis of preliminary assessment befitting with the final and comprehensive development project plan for the entire town.


These two slum pockets are characterized by the following civic parameters-

  • Highly congested (Individual plot areas measuring 80 to 200 Sq. ft. only).
  • Poor quality of shelter / dwellings.
  • Inadequate physical infrastructure like roads, drainage, sanitation, water supply, streetlight etc.
  • Fearful rate of unemployment.
  • Inadequate sanitary facilities.
  • Absence of recreation and social facilitates.
  • High rate of social disorder and degraded quality of life.

It is proposed to vacate Two Slums namely Naya sarak Harizon Bustee (Slum No-6/3) and K.K Banerjee Bustee (Slum No-6/2) having a total household of 160 and to rehabilitate than at R.S plot No-2194 to 2196 on Kishan Ghosh Lane after developing required infrastructures under IHSDP Program. The location of the slums has been depicted on Map No-02.


The individual house in the slum pockets are in generals temporary in nature without having a permanent roof structure. Proper sanitary facilities in most of the occasions are absence which not only endangers the individual health, but also the environmental condition of the slum and consequently the town area is general.

The Development Program has been Drawn for Three Basic Sectors as per following :-

  • Housing
  • Physical Infrastructure
  • Social Infrastructure

Total fund approved and allotted so far for the Project is finished hear under

  • Enclose separately:-
Project Work :
  • Housing : Work started Five Block (80 nos. of House) Four Blocks (68 nos. House) Completed about 95% & One Block (16 nos. House) more than 50% completed. And remaining work is under process.
  • Infrastructure : Work on Progress.
Reports :

Proposal for undertaking and implementation of water supply scheme with capital cost of Rs. 1270 Lakhs initiated during the year 2006-2007 and it got approval in the State level sanctioning committee on UIDSSMT in 02-02-2007 . The Basic information and need for the project and Flow Diagram is furnished here under . Finally the scheme sanctioned.

General :-

The existing water treatment plant at Kunjaghata and the entire distribution system is more than 100 years old. Hence, it is proposed to construct the new treatment plant and the distribution system independent of the existing one. In view of increasing number of occurrences of arsenic borne diseases in West Bengal , especially in the Murshidabad district, the necessity of exploring the surface water sources and utilizing the same for drinking purposes has become a crying one in the present day. River Bhagirathi flowing in close proximity of the town has turned into a potential perennial surface water source after the commissioning of the Farakka Barrage Project. It is proposed to draw raw water from the river upstream of Kunjaghata at the northern end of the town.

Need for the Project :-

At present there is a huge gap between demand & supply of potable water within Berhampore Municipality. At present the authority is generating 10 Lakh gallons per day of potable water out of which only 3.5 lakh gallons are surface water. Thus the per capita supply comes to only 28 liters per day, which is very poor in terms of domestic requirements and environmental standards. Even if the water received from the hand operated tube wells are taken into consideration , the daily per capita supply comes as only 47 litres.

On the other hand the town is very much arsenic prone. 26 blocks including the Berhampore block have been marked as arsenic prone. Ground water is unfit for drinking because of arsenic content to the tune of 0.05 mg. per liter which is the maximum permissible limit of arsenic in drinking water . So it is the high time to explore surface water sources in order to minimize the arsenic menace . Accordingly it has been proposed to produce 6.67 MLD (14.82 Lakg gallons) of surface water under this programme for the intermediate (15 years) scheme period. The scheme will help to increase the per capita supply rate to the minimum requirement of 70 lpcd as per the CPHEEO norms ( there is no sewerage system in the town) at the end of 15 years i.e. in the year 2023 as well as minimize the arsenic problem prevailing largely in the area.

Facilities proposed :-

Flow diagram of the proposed scheme has been shown in the Fig. An intake Jetty will be constructed in the riverbed, which will lead raw surface water through 350 mm diameter DI pipes to the water treatment planr. The water treatment plant comprises one Rapid Mixer, one radial Circular Setting Tank, two Rapid Gravity Sand Filters, one Chlorination Tank and one Clear Water Reservoir (CWR). Clear water will also be stored in one Under Ground Reservoir (UGR) at the mid length of the town where from the two Over Head Reservoirs (OHRs) at the two proposed zones will be fed. The proposed system also comprises DI rising mains with pumps and distribution pipes for supplying purified water by gravity through house connections in ward nos. 3,5,6,7 & 8.

Location :-

The treatment plant is constructed at Kunjaghata near river Bhagirathi under ward no. 25 beside the existing treatment plant . The UGR will be located at Natunbazar near the river Bhagirathi . The OHR I for zone I will be located at ward No. 7 near the Gorabazar Crematorium. The OHR II for zone II will be located at ward No.3 near Chhapakhana.

Operational Hours :-

The operational hours of the proposed water supply scheme are given below.

Pumping hours

: 8 hours
From Intake Well to Treatment Plant: 16 hours
From Treatment Plant ( CWR) to UGR : 16 hours
From UGR to OHR : 12 hours

Capacity of Reservoirs :-

: 8 hours
UGR at treatment plant: 16 hours
UGR at intermediate length: 16 hours
OHR for zone I : 12 hours
OHR for zone II

Initially the pumping will be done for lesser hours depending on the present level of demand , which will be around 10 hours in the beginning . The hours of pumping will increase according to increase in population and subsequent demand.The entire scheme has been revised to over all wards with an outlay of Rs. 3200 lakhs approx. and it has been approved by the Technical Committee SUDA. Total fund for the project so far allotted Rs. 1567 Lakhs. The fund allotment orders are as under :-

Overall works upto 70% of work has been completed so far and the remaining part is continuing . It is expected that the total work is likely to be completed within the financial year 12-13, if required fund is available in time and properly.




For the promotion and infrastructure development of Tourism in the District of Murshidabad Berhampore Municipality initiated Eco-tourism project at Natungram under Lalbag subdivision with tentatively project cost about Rs. 10 crores in considering the idea and importance based on histrical and heritage point of view since Murshidabad was the capital of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa during the period of Nawab Sirajuddoula. Naturally there are numerous of historical places and heritage spots which are carrying the historical importance and attracted by the tourists as a whole about 8 Lakhs.

Approx. 3 thousand tourists from abroad countries visit this potential district for tourism associated with numbers of heritage & historical places in every year. Tourists coming in and outside of the countries took shelter for their staying at Berhampore by which the economical activities of this town is growing up to some extent since there is no industries and other reputed business activities here also.

Berhampore township is one of the oldest Municipality in the State of West Bengal and occupies a distinctive position in the Municipal Map of State and it is earmarked as district head quarter town stating its geographical position the Gate way of North Bengal and North East India.

Keeping in view the infrastructural development of Tourism with the objective to create an Outlet for earning of revenue by generation of manpower and also in the interest of tourists this Municipality purchased a Compact Block of Land including a water body of 11.73 acres at Natungram wherein the project has been started jointly with W.B.T.D.C. Ltd. signing the MOU inaugurated by the then Hon'ble Minister in charge External Affairs Govt. of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee in the year'2008 december.

It is to be stated here that an amount of Rs. 210 Lakhs has been sanctioned by the Govt. of India placed by the Govt. of West Bengal Tourism Department under the scheme River Front Development. Tender for items of works under the project with a financial limit for Rs. 150 lakhs has been made so far and work order had been issued in January'2011. Though the work is continuing but the progress is not satisfactory. We have demanded to cover total required land according to our Master Plan of Eco tourism Project and flow of fund is to be continued as par DPR so that all parameters including solar radiation can be covered under the project. Chairman of Berhampore Municipality moved Govt. in the department in several times during last one year as a partner of this project for proper availability and quick disposal of fund so that the desired project could be completed very soon as the entire land lying idle since last 5 years owned by this Municipality. We hope the State Govt & Central Govt. also provide sufficient fund to run the project.


In this Globalisation period, when the rate of population is increasing @ 2% per year on average , naturally the density of per unit areas is also decreased proportionately and it creates a vulnerable situation for arranging Tag of war between Human Kingdom and natural hazards i.e. population in all spheres in particular which is directly hinders the ecological balance in atmosphere, the main source of human survival.

Now in considering the present non-congenial atmosphere situation which has duly been developed in all most all cities and as such status of situation and thus it is a mandatory on the part of the Municipal Authorities to built up / create congenial situation i.e. pollution free atmosphere for better livelihood.

Naturally, to built up / develop pollution free atmosphere around the localities, the Municipalties Authorities will have taken into consideration about efficient management of solid wastes and also adoption / establishment of sewerage treatment facilities which is directly co-related towards reducing of green house gases and contributes towards better management of normal livelihood.

As such Conservancy wing is one of the major section / wing of this Urban Local Body and contributing major role to make the township neat & clean in all respects i.e. by sweeping, cleaning of drains/ sewerage etc. and other allied essential services for the citizens.

Moreover, the population and holdings are regularly in increasing trend and as a result quantity of solid wastes of different natures are also increased including solid wastes of outsiders who are assembled every day.

It may also be mentioned here that more than 1.5 Lakh population is regularly assembled in the township for carrying different business as the Urban Local Body is situated within District Head Quarter- township. Naturally, this Urban Local Body will be responsible to provide minimum service towards sweeping & disposal of solid wastes including drinking water, Lavoratory services for the outsiders in addition to citizens of this Urban Local body.

Apart from this all vehicles / equipments / implements etc. are regularly utilized towards successful implementation of Solid Waste Management (S.W.M.) works including works of Septic tanks clearance.

The vehicles for Ambulance & Bier ( Dead body carrier) are also playing a vital role for urgent necessity of citizen of this township and also other public on requests.

Hence inconsidering merits & other positive direction of this Conservancy wing is demand its most vital role in performing better services for the citizen at all times also demanded justified nos. of staff in different categories for its successful implementation.

Now as regards efficient management of solid wastes the Municipal Authorities will take the advantages by establishing compost plant with Vermiculture where organic portion of solid wastes be utilized as a raw materials after segregation at source and produce compost i.e. organic manure.

Moreover, by establishing Auto-clave machine and Incinator, biological wastes are also completely controlled against emission of green house gases and wide spread of any diseases.

Similarly by establishing sewerage treatment plant, the waste water can also be purified and arrest also against emission of green house gases.

Hence inconsidering the objective and utility for efficient management of SWM requires to prepare scheme followed DPR ( Detail Project Report) and which has been initiated by Municipal Engineering Directorate of Government of West Bengal and subsequently the said DPR ( Detail Project Report) has been approved by the West Bengal Pollution Control Board ( WBPCB) and sanctioned by Government.

According to DPR of SWM it has been reflected that an amount of Rs. 2.46 crores will be required towards completion of the said scheme phase by phase including installation of compost plant with Vermiculture on suitable land purchased by this ULB measuring an area -11.76 acres of land in Mouza - Chaipara & Sannyasidanga of Lalbag Sub-Division and near to present dumping ground.

Thus an receipt of approval of SWM along with DPR by West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) and sanctioned by Government . Berhampore Municipality has dated the work of SWM as par guide line as indicated in the DPR phase by phase and progress of work is also restricted on receipt of fund made available from Government.

Accordingly; Berhampore Municipality has started purchase of different accessories which would be required to SWM ( Solid Waste Management) and detailed particulars of vehicles/ equipments / implements etc. along with purposes there of under SWM ( Solid Waste Management) is also furnished here in under as follows :-

Apart from this, solid wastes collection boxes - 31500 nos. has also been purchased for collection of wastes from house to house . But the establishment of compost plant with Vermiculture is still due as it requires to reviewed the estimate of different items which would be required for this purposes and as the rate of items has already been increased and also increasing day by day for which escalation of prices are urgently required and thus the Government has been requested to change the estimate of DPR in which was approved earlier amounting to Rs. 2.46 crores in the year 2006.

Now this ULB is awaiting to receive revised estimate of DPR after escalation of prices from Government and accordingly this ULB will also launch to establish compost plant with Vermiculture in the selected site of purchased land and accordingly this will create an avenue to produce green manure / organic based in one hand and also generation of man power on the other.

Now this ULB is interested to install machinery Auto Claive Machine with Incinator and Schreder under Bio-Medical Waste to control this harmful pathogens & restrict against emission of green house gases & wide spread of any disease. This issue is a pertinent part under efficient management of SWM . The appropriate authority had been intimated to place fund amounting to Rs. 90.00 Lakhs approx.

But unfortunately the allotment of the said fund is still awaiting from Government. Still this ULB is expected that sufficient under the scheme will be placed by the Government after escalation of price .

Another important item i.e. establishment of Sewerage Treatment facilities which is interlinked with efficient management of SWM and also playing a vital role towards purifying waste water and as well as arrest against emission of Green house gases.

But unfortunately in this respect positive action is still awaiting from Government though this ULB has drawn attention to the authority concern several time.

Hence in concluding the whole episode under efficient management of SWM , this ULB is determined to built up / create congenial situation and pollution free atmosphere in an around the township / localities for better livelihood.

Moreover this Urban Local Body is also thinking to utilize the advantages of Carbon - credit in our daily life in near future in this globalization period as the efficient Management of Solid Waste Management & Sewerage treatment has directly co- related with Carbon- credit under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). The CDM is a mechanism which can be set up under the International treaty on climate. It helps cities towards achievement for reducing green house gases by adopting more efficient technologies on particular discipline.

As such attention will also be drawn to Appropriate Authority for consideration of the proposal of Carbon - credit on approach which is new and arrange to establish the said project in the greater interest of the Citizens living in this township and also strengthen the financial support of this Urban Local Body.