Free Fire Advance Server OB30 Activation Code With APK+OBB

What is FreeFire Advance Server

What is FreeFire Advance Server

FreeFire advance server is a program that allows gamers to experience new features that do not come in game in FreeFire games and that will come in features and you can apply for this program from the official website of the game and you would be able to experience the better game, by using this program you would be able to report to game developers of FreeFire that what is the bug are experienced by Player during the playing games and by feedback, game developers can fix all of the bugs that are going to release in free-fire upcoming version.

FreeFire Advance Server Code

If You Have to get freefire Advance Server code then you will be able to log on advance server. The code is limited because the testing server or advanced are not big as the free-fire region server. For login on this Server, You need to download apk and obb of server if you try to log on through normal apk and obb that is available on PlayStore or App Store then you will not able to log on to this site and if you want to log on then you need to download advance server free fire apk file and obb30 then you will be able to log on and could able to play on advanced server.


free fire advance server apk download 2021

If you are looking for downloading the latest apk & Ob30 then you definitely follow this step 

step 1:-if you are already registered for advanced server apk then you will receive a mail where all of the information regarding advanced server will be available at that mail all through all of this code are limited for selected customers if you want to download all of the code from this website then you can follow all the step that is shown I 2nd step


Step 2:- if you Want to download free fire advanced server and ob30 then you can follow the step 

Click on the download bottom that is given below after the click you will be redirected to google drive or another link then from where you will be able to download all of the latest versions of the advanced server. 

Download FreeFire Advance Server

FreeFire advance server registration 

THE process of registration or applying to get a advance server is simple you can follow the official website of freefire from where ou could be able to apply for advance server and the advance server are limited and if you apply for it and get advance server then you could be able to download apk and obb file of advance server and where you would be able to log in